Ice Breaking Table Penguin Trap Entertainment Toy

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Material: Plastic
Plastic Type: PC
Battery: no
Gender: Unisex
Theme: Science
Dimensions: 20 20
Age Range: 5-7 Years

Step up your activity game with this interactive table game! Feel the thrill and excitement in your every turn. Not only you will enjoy it, but also your friends and the whole family!

This table game allows its users to interact and channel their skills in guessing.

The product is made of PC plastic-type and is designed for unisex. Ideally for five to seven years old, but it can be enjoyed by players of all ages!

This toy game is very convenient, and it can be played and enjoyed anytime, anywhere because it is not battery operated. You can enjoy the game whether you are indoor or even outdoor.

This penguin trap game has a length of 22.5cm, a width of 19.5cm, and a height of 7.5cm. The game comes with the table game, white and blue imitation ice blocks, two axes, one mini penguin, and a roulette.

Additional reminders and notes about the product:

Please allow minimal changes to the color of the item. Due to the variation of lighting setup and computer screen display, there might be a slight difference in the actual color of the item compared to the photos posted.

Also, please allow a 0-2mm difference in the sizing of the product. There might be a slight variation on the measurement since the product was manually measured.

How to play the game:

The game can be played by more than two (2) persons.

The ice blocks must be placed on the table and the penguin must be placed on top of it.

The players will take turns on spinning the roulette and will use the axe to tap the ice shown in the roulette. The roulette shows four (4) choices: skip, tap blue blocks, tap white blocks, and tap a mix of blue and white blocks.

The main goal of each player is to avoid tapping the ice block that will make the penguin fall.

The player who taps the ice that makes the penguin fall loses.

May take 1-4 weeks to arrive due to high demand

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Keith C. Martin
Good Quality

Very fast shipment and good Quality

Donald C. Thompson
Exact products! Amazing :)

Exact products! Amazing :) Deliverer in 7 days !!!

Richard M. Ruggles
Looks just super!

Delivery is done well, the goods packed was reliable. Very cute and pleasant to the touch. Thank you to the seller

Clinton M. Southworth

superb. fast delivery . recommended